Помогите с грамматикой Заблаговременно спасибоооо! A few days ago Kims family

Помогите с грамматикой Заранее спасибоооо!
A few days ago Kims family moved house. Kim had very mixed feelings about it. On the one хэнд, she _____FEEL_____ happy with her new room. It was larger than the room she used to live in. Everything in this room __ARRANGE_____ in Kims favourite colours and according to her taste. The flat was on the _____FIVE_____ floor in an old brick building. From her window Kim could see the large garden, which now was covered with bright yellow ______LEAF____, and the tiled roofs at a distance. Id be very happy if I ____LIVE_____ here, Kims friend, Jessica, said when she visited her for the first time. And how is your new school? she asked, still admiring the fresh wallpapered walls with a few framed photos on _____THEY______. You ______MAKE_____ new friends there, right? These words made Kim feel nervous. No, not yet. she answered. Then she said that she ____GO_____ to her new school only the next Monday and that the school looked nice and modern and there was a swimming pool in it. What Kim ___NOT/TELL____ her friend was that she was awfully afraid of going there and meeting her new classmates and teachers

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was arranged





have мейд

is going

hasn't told

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